Share, Learn, Change and Create: Call for EVS volunteers

Name of the project: Share, Learn, Change and Create

Place: Resita, Romania

Duration: 12 months

Starting date: 1st March 2015

Application deadline: 12 September 2014

Number of EVS volunteers we can host: 2 to 4

The location

Resita is the capital of Caras-Severin county, in the South-West of Romania It is situated in a valley in a mountain area, has continental climate with soft summers and cold winters. Resita is a privileged city for its surroundings of outstanding beauty, being located near two national parks: Semenic Cheile-Carasului and Cheile Nerei – Beusnita, and close to other protected areas like the National Park Domogled–Valea Cernei and Portile de Fier Natural Park. Resita and Caras-Severin have an important tradition regarding intercultural dialogue and different minorities living together.

On the reverse side, Resita is a former heavily industrial city, currently trying to reinvent itself and give new hope to its increasing unemployed population and especially to young people. Most of youth are leaving Resita after high school, looking for better education and employment opportunities in bigger cities.  Whereas Resita as a city is still in dire need of a facelift, its warm, welcoming people will certainly value and benefit of the enthusiasm of young EVS volunteers.

The organisational context

Centrul de Voluntariat Resita (CVR) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation established in 2004 as a public-private partnership between local NGOs and the municipality of Resita, with the aim to intermediate the need for and interest in volunteering. The Volunteer Centre Resita (CVR) promotes volunteering and also engages volunteers in local initiatives.

The majority of the volunteers are youth, initially incidentally, and thereafter intentionally. CVR believes in the power of nonformal education through volunteer work, in terms of acquiring skills and attitudes that enable young people to become committed and responsible citizens, with a sense for community participation, better skilled for jobs and with entrepreneurial and self-management abilities.  In other words, we strive to provide meaningful opportunities for local youth as a way to tackle the challenges in a difficult social-economic environment.

Project activities and volunteer tasks

CVR offers to the hosted volunteer(s) a dynamic working environment, combining community with office/support in coordination activities, with opportunities of interacting and collaborating with a wide range of persons, institutions and organisations. The project will include:

  • support with the current activity of the volunteer centre: managing the local young volunteers (recruitment, placing, monitoring, mentoring, evaluation, recognition), organising volunteering promotion events, organising volunteer activities
  • support within Mansarda Youth Centre in providing information and organising leisure time activities for youth.

Activities may vary according to the time of year, the phase of the project and could, to some extent, be negotiated and adapted to specific needs, interests and competences of each volunteer. Some examples of tasks within the project are:

  • taking part in the process of recruiting the local volunteers and the promotion of volunteering in general and of the European Voluntary Service in particular,
  • support in the training and motivation process of the volunteers, support in the counselling of the volunteers (reflection groups),
  • support in the planning and organising of the current activities of the centre,
  • support in the coordination of activities at the Mansarda Youth Centre: planning, promotion, implementation and evaluation (e.g. work-shops, exhibitions, trainings, cultural activities, holidays, hobby clubs, the climbing wall, the Bike-Repair Shop)

Further information

Further information on the hosting organisation and community or on the project, can be obtained by e-mail: or checking the accredited EVS organisations database – our accreditation number is 2014 – 1 – RO01 – KA110 – 0003034 (as we received the new accreditation only at the beginning of August it might take some time until you see our profile online).

Volunteer selection

We are looking for young people with genuine motivation for the voluntary service, respect for diversity, sense of initiative as well as flexibility and adaptability, to the extent possible.

Interested volunteers should send their application, consisting of their CV (Europass Model) and a motivation presentation the latter can be done in the form of a letter, a short video, a photograph or other visual means.  Please send us also the name and accreditation number of your sending organisation (if you have one). The application should be sent by e-mail to with the subject “expression of interest EVS project” no later than 12 September 2014.

Timeline and grant application

We will review all applications and contact volunteers whose expressions of interest seem a good match to the profile of the project. We will kindly ask volunteers to be available for Skype one-on-one discussions during the week of 15 – 19 September, should further clarity on the matching of profiles be needed.

We will then formalise the grant application(s) to the national agency for the 1 October deadline with a view to host the volunteers as of March 2015.